Performing Arts Resource Center (PARC)

The PARC is a library and computing space in the Performing Arts Building. It contains library materials, a computer lab with specialized software for the performing arts, workrooms for audio and video projects, and other information resources that support studies in the performing arts. All CDs, all musical scores, performing arts-related DVDs and VHS, and current issues of performing arts journals are located in the PARC

The PARC help desk can be reached at 503-517-4823.

Hours, Spring Semester

Mon - Thurs 8:30am - 11pm
Fri 8:30am - 5pm
Sat 1pm - 5pm
Sun 5pm - 11pm

For additional hours information, see Library hours page.


Erin Conor, Performing Arts Librarian

Joe Janiga, Instructional Technologist for the Performing Arts

Bruce Van Buskirk Reserves/Performing Arts Specialist

Available for checkout at the PARC

ItemLoan period for Students
Course reserves Most PARC reserves for 3 hours.
CDs and DVDs Most CDs and DVDs for 3 days.
Musical scores Most scores for 28 days.
iPads 3 days (due in PARC by closing)
Headphones, laptops,
and midi keyboards
1 day (due in the PARC by closing)

Software available on PARC computers