Borrowing from the Reed Library collection


Reed students, faculty, staff, and alumni have library borrowing privileges. Use your current Reed I.D. card as your library card. The library can issue special library cards to visiting scholars or others who may be granted loan privileges. See Services for Visitors for more information.  Members of Summit institutions may also borrow directly from Reed - see below.


Check out books at the circulation desk that you plan to take out of the library or have at a desk in the library.  Present your I.D. card with the books to the circulation desk attendant.  The books will be stamped with the due date.


Any regularly circulating item can be renewed by going into My Record from the library catalog.  After logging in, click on the box next to the item(s) to be renewed; then click on “Renew” at the top.  New due dates or other notes will appear.  Overdue books must be taken to circulation for renewal.


You are emailed a reminder notice a few days before items are due. If you receive a notice for a book you believe you have already returned, please contact us at once so that the circulation staff can attempt to resolve the problem.


Fines for non-reserve books are 20 cents per day, with a three-day grace period. After returning an overdue book, you will be emailed a fine notice telling you how much you owe.  For overdue books not returned after 50 days, a replacement charge of $60 plus a non-refundable service charge of $10 will be added to the maximum fine of $10. You may also be liable for replacement and service charges for books that have been marked or damaged. All fines and bills are paid at the Business Office and must be paid before academic advancement.


If a book you need is checked out, you may ask staff at the circulation desk to place a hold on it. If you need it sooner than its due date and it has been on loan for at least two weeks, you may request its recall. You are notified when the book comes in; pickup is at the circulation desk. Books on the hold shelf that remain unclaimed for more than five days will be reshelved.  If you do a same site request for a book that is checked out, the patron will be sent a recall notice.  However, there is not change in due date.


If you have lost a book, report it to a staff member as soon as possible. If you cannot find a book on the shelf, make sure you have the correct call number. Then check several books to either side. Look in the oversize and the re-shelving areas. If you are still book-less, ask a staff member for help. A search request can be initiated; we will attempt to locate the book, notifying you of the results.


Reed students are also eligible to use the Multnomah County Public Library system. To get a library card, go to any branch library or fill out the online form. The closest branch is at SE 49th & Woodstock.



The Summit catalog includes over 28 million books, sound recordings, films, and other items owned by members of the Orbis Cascade Alliance, a consortium of 37 academic libraries in Oregon and Washington.  Reed students, faculty, and staff may borrow from Summit libraries.


View items available for Summit borrowing as you search the Reed College Library catalog or by searching directly at the Summit web site. Reed's own library holdings are displayed along with those of other Summit libraries.


Follow the on-screen instructions to “Request this Item” on the item’s record. Enter your name and the barcode number from the back of your Reed ID card. The system will let you know when the item is available to pick up at the Reed circulation desk within 2-4 days.


All Summit libraries loan circulating books, and some libraries loan other materials such as sound recordings and videos.  Journal articles cannot be requested through Summit, but some bound journals may be available for short loans.


The loan period for most Summit items is 6 weeks with no renewal. Some special materials have a Summit loan period of 6 days with no renewal.


Fines for late Summit items are 50¢ per day for the first 10 days and $1 per day for the next 15 days. The maximum overdue fine for Summit materials is $20 per item. The lost item charge for Summit materials is $75 plus a $15 processing fee.


As a member of Summit and NAPCU (Northwest Association of Private Colleges and Universities), Reed has reciprocal arrangements with many regional colleges and universities that allow students, staff, and faculty to borrow books directly from each other's libraries. If a book not owned by the Reed library is available at Portland State University, for example, a current Reed community member may request it through Summit or borrow it directly by presenting a current Reed I.D. card plus another piece of identification at the PSU circulation desk. Reed community members may also borrow from some other local academic libraries. Present your Reed I.D. with a current academic year sticker when borrowing directly.


Members of Summit institutions can also borrow directly from the Reed Library.  Bring your school ID and drivers license or state ID to the main circulation desk.  They will set you up with a visiting patron library card.